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blackowl-logo We're currently closed until sometime in 2022.

Hours + Location

We are currently closed until sometime in 2022.

414 Walbridge Street, Kalamazoo, MI 49007

About the Cafe

We’re a small cafe in Downtown Kalamazoo, Michigan serving locally roasted coffee, hand blended teas & fresh home-made food! We exclusively serve Kalamazoo Coffee Company beans that are roasted in the very same building! Black Owl Brunch is now served EVERYDAY 9:00am-2:00pm.  Please see our drink & food menu below.

Our Menu

Drink Menu


Chemex 10oz – $2.50 // 12oz – $3.00 // 16oz – $3.25
French Press 10oz – $2.50 // 12oz – $3.00 // 16oz – $3.25
Brewed Refills 10oz – $1.75 // 12oz – $1.75 // 16oz – $1.75

*Our coffee offerings change weekly, please ask your barista for today’s offerings!  We also offer the following non-dairy milk alternatives for our espresso drinks: Soy, Almond, Macadamia & Oat Milk.


Espresso Drinks

Espresso (Double Shot) $1.75
Macchiato (Double Shot, with foam) $2.25 // 3oz
Americano 10oz – $2.50 // 12oz – $3.00 // 16oz – $3.25
Latte 10oz – $3.00 // 12oz – $3.75 // 16oz – $4.25
Cappuccino 10oz – $3.00 // 12oz – $3.75 // 16oz – $4.25
Mocha 10oz – $3.50 // 12oz – $4.00 // 16oz – $4.50
Vanilla Caramel 10oz – $3.50 // 12oz – $4.00 // 16oz – $4.50
Cafe Miel 10oz – $3.50 // 12oz – $4.00 // 16oz – $4.50

Other Drinks

Chai Latte 10oz – $3.25 // 12oz – $3.75 // 16oz – $4.25
Hot Cocoa 10oz – $3.25 // 12oz – $3.75 // 16oz – $4.25
Matcha Latte 10oz – $3.25 // 12oz – $3.75 // 16oz – $4.25
Dark Chocolate London Fog 10oz – $3.50 // 12oz – $4.00 // 16oz – $4.50
Rootbeer Espresso Magic 16oz-$4.00
Apple or Orange Juice  16oz – $2.75


12oz – $2.75 // 16oz – $3.25 //

St. Johns Wort, Earl Grey, Assam, Chai, Darjeeling, Lapsang Souchong,Mango Ceylon, Oolong, Orange Spice, Gunpowder Green,White Peony, Jasmine, Mate, 21st Century, Houjicha, Chamomile, Echinacea & Roots,  Fidnemed Nighttime,Happy Man, Happy Tummy, Memory Zest, Hibiscus High, Rooibos, Blueberry Rooibos, Tangerine Ginger, Peach Blossom, Raspberry Green,Cocoa Mint.

Superfood Lattes


We proudly serve Saku Superfood Tea Mixes. All ingredients in our superfood latte mixes are carefully sourced, certified organic & very tasty!

Golden Chai 12oz – $4.00 // 16oz – $4.50
The power of tumeric with the perfect blend of Masala spices. Tumeric, ginger, cinnamon & spices.  Steamed with your choice of milk.
Ruby Ginger 12oz – $4.00 // 16oz – $4.50
The benefit of beetroot & coconut milk in a rich latte blend with just the right amount of zing from aromatic ginger & cinnamon.  Beetroot, coconut milk, ginger, ashwagandha & spices. Steamed with your choice of milk.
Matcha Maple 12oz – $4.00 // 16oz – $4.50
Powerful matcha green tea powder, Michigan maple syrup and your choice of steamed milk. Simple yet oh so delicious!
Golden Orange 12oz – $4.00 // 16oz – $4.5
Tumeric blended with a bright fragrant mix of orange & spices.  Steamed with your choice of milk.  Tumeric, coconut milk, orange peel, cardamom, black pepper & sweet orange oil.

Winter Favorites

Peppermint Mocha $3.50 10oz/ $4.00 12oz/ $4.50 16oz//
A double shot of espresso with your choice of white or dark chocolate with half a shot of peppermint syrup and steamed milk.
Cardamom Maple Latte $3.50 10oz/$4.00 12oz/ $4.50 16oz//
Aromatic, herbal & spicy cardamom is sprinkled onto the freshly ground espresso right before the shot is pulled.  Cardamom infused espresso is then mixed with real Michigan maple syrup, in addition to your choice of steamed milk.  A wonderful beverage to have on a brisk day!
Mayan Mocha $3.50 10oz/ $4.00 12oz/ $4.50 16oz //
Espresso, steamed milk and our dark chocolate sauce with a shake  of cayenne pepper to keep the winter blues and bugs away!
Ginger Snapped Coffee 16oz. // $3.25
Medium roast flavored coffee. A complex blend of cinnamon, nutmeg, molasses and ginger makes for a delicious treat on a cold day.
Triple Nut Latte $3.50 10oz/$4.00 12oz/$4.50 16oz//
Medium roast flavored coffee. Sweet custard with a burnt caramel aftertaste.
Turkish Get-Up 12oz. // $2.75
Adi’s creation for our beloved power lifting roaster, Clem. Hints of cardamom and coconut syrup help this cortado “flex”!

Breakfast Menu

Black Owl Brunch is served 9:00am-2:00pm 7 days a week

Brunch Favorites

All egg dishes are made with local brown eggs from Carlson Farms in Lawton, Michigan.  We also source all of our bacon, breakfast sausage & ham from Carlson Farms due to quality & natural farming methods.  We also take pride in supporting our local farmers & food producers.  By dining here, you’re supporting them too.  Please see the bottom of the menu to see a list of our local suppliers.  We encourage you to eat local & support your neighbors.

Huevos Rancheros $11.00
Two over-medium eggs topped with queso fresco & green onions, layered over a bed of seasoned black beans & seasoned red skin potatoes.  Served with a side of grilled flour tortillas & salsa.

Backpacker’s Scramble $12.00
Three eggs scrambled with crispy bacon, seasoned red skin potatoes, onions & green peppers.  Topped with colby jack cheese.  Served with seasoned local red skin potatoes & fresh fruit.  Try with Diaya vegan cheddar for +$1.00

Country Breakfast $12.50
Two eggs- your way served with seasoned red skin potatoes, smoked gouda bacon grits, southern style greens, thick sliced local ham or vegan spicy mustard pork chops & a honey buttered biscuit. The grits can be meatless. Just ask!
***Only Available Thurs-Sun.***

Jalapeno Cornbread Bennie $10.00
Two poached eggs on top of fresh-house made jalapeno cornbread muffins.  Topped with our garlic & chipotle hollandaise.  Served with seasoned local red skin potatoes & fresh fruit.

The Kurt Brussel $12.00
Three eggs scrambled & packed with sauteed brussel sprouts, garlic, red onion, sweet peppers and topped with a blend of havarti & smoked gouda cheese.  Served with seasoned local red skin potatoes & fresh fruit.

Biscuits & Mushroom Gravy $10.00
Two large buttermilk biscuits smothered in our house-made baby bella mushroom gravy, served with two eggs your choice & a side of seasoned red skin potatoes.

Loaded Johnny Cakes $10.00
Two jalopeno cornbread pancakes layered with veggie chorizo or real chorizo, onions, peppers, corn, red chiles & queso fresco. Topped with two over-easy eggs.

Black Owl Breakfast Sandwich $10.00
Two over-medium eggs topped with sharp cheddar cheese and your choice of meat: local smoked bacon, local breakfast sausage or veggie sausage patties.  Served on a toasted English muffin. Served with seasoned local red skin potatoes & fresh fruit.  Try with Diaya Vegan Cheddar for +$1.00

Black Owl Burrito $10.00
Three scrambled eggs topped with sharp cheddar cheese, green peppers, onions, seasoned red skin potatoes & your choice of meat: bacon, breakfast sausage, veggie sausage or chorizo.  Try with Diaya vegan cheddar: +$1.00

The Big Easy $9.00
Two eggs- your way topped with cheddar cheese, your choice of bacon, breakfast sausage or veggie sausage patties, fried red skin potatoes & 12-grain toast.  Try with Diaya vegan cheddar: +$1.00

The Cumberbatch $12.00
Two soft poached eggs on toasted english muffins with spinach, grape tomatoes sliced & sauteed oven roasted local ham.  Topped with our lemon garlic hollandaise & green onions.  Served with seasoned potatoes & fresh fruit.

Hot off the Griddle

Classic French Toast $8.00
An indulgent breakfast dish everyone loves!  Four piece of egg battered sourdough french toast, served with syrup & butter.
Want REAL maple syrup?  .50+

Almond Crusted French Toast $10.00
A special egg batter heavily coated in toaasted almonds gives this elegant french toast just the right flaavor and increased crunch.

Nutella French Toast $10.00
Our classic french toast topped with powdered sugar, roasted hazelnuts and shredded toasted coconut. Drizzled with nutella and dark chocolate sauce.

Fruit Mountain French Toast $10.00
Our classic french toast topped with a mountain of seasonal fresh fruit
and whipped cream.

Double Stack Pancakes- GlutenFree or Regular $6.00
Served with butter & syrup. Chocolate Chip $6.50 Banana & Chocolate Chip $7.00 Banana $6.75 Blueberry $6.75

Loaded Pancakes $9.50
Two large pancakes with crispy bacon & breakfast sausage mixed throughout, topped with pan-fried red skin potatoes. Served with syrup & butter.  You can sub out the bacon & breakfast sausage for veggie sausage. Just ask!

Grilled Peanut Butter & Jelly Sandwich $5.00
Crunchy peanut butter on one side, raspberry or blackberry preserves on the other side.

Grilled Cheese $5.00
Sharp cheddar cheese sandwiched between two pieces of sourdough bread.  Try with Daiya cheddar cheese for +$1.00

Grilled Ham Swiss & Dijon $7.50
Local smoked ham, swiss cheese & spicy dijon mustard sandwiched between two pieces of sourdough bread.

Eat Your heart Out Sandwich $11.00
Turkey, artichoke hearts, romaine lettuce,spinach & pesto topped with goat cheese on toasted sourdough or bagel. Served with seasoned local redskin potatoes & fresh fruit garnish.

A la carte

Bowl of Oatmeal topped with cinnamon and fresh fruit. $5.00
Yogurt topped with granola and fresh fruit $5.00
Cheddar Grits $5
Red-Skin Potatoes $2
Three Strips of Bacon $3
Two Pork Sausage Patties $3
Two Veggie Sausage Patties $3
Two Vegan Pork Chops $3
Side of Mushroom Gravy $3.00
Toasted Everything Bagel with Butter $1.75
Toast & Butter $1.00




We proudly support the following local producers:

Carlson Farms-Lawton, MI
Crsip Acres Farms- Holland, MI
Sweetwater Donuts- Kalamazoo, MI
Honey Tree- Onstead, MI
Various seasonal producers through KVCC Food Hub-Kalamazoo, MI

Our Location