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Kalamazoo Coffee Company began being more involved with our coffee partners over the years as our brand developed.  This year, we started our first Kalamazoo Coffee Sustainable Coffee Project! 

At the beginning of 2020, Kalamazoo Coffee Company partnered with our coffee supplier in Guatemala to start 3 coffee nurseries.  

We were able to plant 20,000 coffee plants this year!  


That’s a lot of coffee for years to come once the plants begin to produce.  

The plants are in the nursery stage now and will be transplanted to model farms once they are mature enough (11-12 months).  The model farms serve as field schools for other farmers in the community to learn and see positive growing results in the field.  This method allows everyone in the community to learn and produce a better, more sustainable & profitable crop. 

The coffee plants are planted among shade plants of Ingas tree & grevilea.  The coffee plants will start producing their first crop at about 18 months and will produce an abundant harvest for many years to come.  

Sustainable and ethically grown coffee is very important to us at Kalamazoo Coffee Company and we will continue to make it a part of our business as we grow.  We will keep you updated on this project as it progresses.  Updated reports will be made monthly.  We look forward to doing more Kalamazoo Coffee Sustainable Coffee Projects in the future as well as participating in local community events.