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We are the Kalamazoo Coffee Company and we are enthusiastic about sharing our intense passion for coffees and teas with you. All of our coffees are roasted precisely in small batches with our Probat coffee roaster, located in Downtown Kalamazoo, Michigan. We take the time to learn about the distinct characteristics of each coffee variety, roasting with intent to bring out their unique and pleasing characteristics.


Handpicked organic Michigan fruits add local flavor to our blended teas. All of our products are treated with special care before being placed into our in-house designed packaging. We take pride in what we do every step of the way. If you have never given our coffee a chance before, we encourage you to give it a try. We guarantee you will find it as delicious and comforting as we do. We’d also like to sincerely thank all of our loyal customers and friends for continuing to support us on our journey to evolve our unique and mindful Michigan business. Cheers.