Backpackers Blend

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Our best selling coffee to date, Backpackers is a blend of Central American, South American and Indonesian coffees.

The blend is tailored to ignite the palate with flavors of butterscotch, caramel and chocolate while hosting the overall characteristics of a solid medium roast.

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17 reviews for Backpackers Blend

  1. Austin

    Honestly, I’ve had a lot of coffees, expensive coffee, exotic coffee, just a lot of coffee, but this coffee blend is my absolute most favorite coffee. I recommend it from a French press, worth every penny.

  2. JC (verified owner)

    This is absolutely the best coffee! Such a nice flavor, I can’t get enough! Highly highly recommend for coffee lovers!

  3. Sarah

    I’ve tried alot of coffee, nothing is as good as this one. My grocery store was completely sold out and I am missing this coffee! It’s so stinking good!

  4. Joey

    Saw this coffee at Meijers and gave it a try seeing how it’s a local company. I’m glad I did, It’s my new go to coffee! Nothing more I love than supporting a local business that delivers a great product. I make this coffee in my French press and love it!

  5. Erica

    I wish I could buy this in bulk… it’s THAT good.

  6. Nancy

    BEST coffee ever! Wish it came in decaf!

  7. Jenny Doyle

    They were taste testing this coffee at Meijers in Traverse City, and I loved it. I bought a bag immediately! On my way home from Makkena I stopped at another Myers to buy a couple of bags, and they didn’t carry it! Now I’m home in Tennessee, and have to order it by mail! Best coffee ever!

  8. Michelle

    This one was my favorite of the few flavors that my local Meijer carries. My fiance tried it and literally doesn’t buy any other kind!

  9. Jes Michael Rodriguez

    I happened to be visiting Radiant Church in Richland for a conference and this is what they served. AMAZING. It is probably the only coffee that tastes better black. At the end of the conference they gave out free bags of this stuff and I made sure to stock up since I live in Austin! I am hooked now and will be ordering from Kalamazoo regularly!

  10. NICOLE

    Tried this coffee on a whim while at a Meijers in Cold water, MI on a vacation trip. Hands down the best coffee I have ever had. And we try new coffee brands each time we go to the store. So we’ve tried a lot. Now to get them to distribute to NW Indiana chains!

  11. Steven P

    I moved to the Kzoo area in spring of 2015. Not until the summer of 2016 did I taste true coffee. This coffee was and is one of two brews I will only buy now( the other brew being bam bean oh. Also made by kzoo coffee.) This last Christmas 2017 I sent backpackers blend to my friends in northern New York. Now they are addicted too. Thank you for excellent coffee.

  12. Georgianna

    I’m a coffee snob, I began ordering coffee beans, direct, and roasting myself. I had grown tired of the horrible taste of stale bagged brands.
    I find the company with a “Star” in its name to be disgusting and over rated.

    When I ran across Kazoo Co. Beans, I was amused with the bags, yet skeptical regarding taste, thinking they’d be another nasty “Star” bean!
    However, unless you try it, you can’t deny it!
    So I decided to give it a try “and” I was amazed!
    The Backpackers and Columbian are my favorite, thus far.
    I’m addicted Kazoo Coffee Co. Keep up the great work!

  13. Zigsinak

    This blows 99.99% of high end coffee’s out of the park! Just try it… enough saif

  14. Joe green

    I have tried tons of coffees and this is by far the best

  15. Daniel and Donna Pitters

    We got this coffee as a gift from our future in-laws from Battle Creek Michigan, and wow absolutely love it. We use a percolator to brew our coffee and it is just wonderful..

  16. Ashley

    Found this brand at Meijer one day! My husband loves trying new coffee and honestly, he is a coffee snob! But he LOVES this coffee. Backpackers was the first blend he tried and now we’ve put in an order for five other blends! My husband prefers it in a French press, definitely believes its the best way to drink coffee, but get the grounds too!

  17. Emily (verified owner)

    We tried it for the beautiful artwork on the package and wonderful aroma coming from the beans inside. This quickly became our favorite coffee! Smooth, full, round, velvety feel, with woody, caramel, maybe hint of vanilla on the finish? Definitely worth trying!

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