Cleo Espresso Blend- Euphoria Coffee Co.


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Blend Profile: Our espresso blend is a wonderfully rich and smooth blend perfect for your espresso machine or simply just an easy drinking morning cup.  This blend is comprised of coffees from Honduras and Peru, although both are normally certified Fair-Trade Organic, only our Honduras is FTO at this time.  We will hopefully have FTO Peru again soon.  The coffee was named after our dog- Cleo.  Cleo is our adorable and loving family dog who used to co-pilot for coffee deliveries when we did home delivery. She loved it! If you can’t decide what coffee to purchase, Cleo Espresso Blend is one you can’t go wrong with!

Roast: Medium/Dark

Cupping Notes: Semi-sweet chocolate, caramel, smooth and sweet.

Processing: Wet Process

Varietal: Heirloom Varieties

Euphoria Coffee is now a division of Kalamazoo Coffee Co.  This coffee is a part of the Euphoria Direct Investment Coffee Program.  Every bag purchased plants a coffee plant in Guatemala at our coffee nursery.  Once mature, the plants are given away to local farmers to produce coffee for years to come. Now that’s sustainable! Please visit Euphoria Coffee Co. on Instagram for more information & photos on our Direct Investment Coffee Program.

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