Colombian Peaberry

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This coffee is unique among arabicas for producing a small, single seed per cherry where most arabica cherries produce two half seeds. This compact, singular bean is considered more robust in flavor, which is evident in its prominent, savory richness.

Ingredients: Roasted Coffee

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3 reviews for Colombian Peaberry

  1. Josh Whelton

    I’m not sure if the fact that they grow differently is responsible, but this coffee has some serious kick! One cup in the morning and I’m buzzed well into the late afternoon. Aside from that, this roast is jumped to the top of my list for overall taste and balance as well. Highly recommend!

  2. Mikel Elwell (verified owner)

    I am on day 7 of these peaberry beans and I’m loving every cup!!! I used to get peaberry beans from another roaster but he bought them from a farmer in Tansania. I’m just glad someone is growing them because they are my favorite coffee beans. The roaster at Kalamazoo Coffee is doing a fantastic job of roasting for the exact amount of time in my opinion. I like it when the beans just start releasing the oil. This way you don’t have a lot of oil gumming up your grinder yet there is a bit of oil. I love the taste of this coffee. I will warn you that it is a strong tasting coffee. The taste is very good though. I highly recommend these beans!!!!!!!!

  3. Mikel Elwell (verified owner)

    After trying quite a few different coffee beans these are my favorite by a large margin. I could go over all the ways these beans are better but the best thing you could do is buy some and become addicted like the rest of us.

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