Creme Brûlée

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To make a claim, or claim a steak, make no mistake, these eggs would take; or lay a claim to all who bake, this crème brûlée for goodness sake.

So be aware, they’re everywhere, and seem to like their steaks quite rare, as rare a find as crème brûlée, they’ll take them both on any day.

The creamy goodness of our crème brûlée  flavored coffee is undeniable. A hint of eggnog permeates the palate as the smooth cleanliness of the Colombian Supremo completes the effect. Must be experienced to be believed.

Contains coffee, natural and artificial flavors.

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3 reviews for Creme Brûlée

  1. Susan Edwards (verified owner)

    This may be one of my favorites. Very flavorful and aromatic

  2. Julie Batchos

    We are a bit of coffee snobs here at our home and have tried tons of different beans. By far this is our favorite. So much so that we continue to order it and have it shipped even after we moved out of state. Do yourself a favor and try it.

  3. lamoreaux greg (verified owner)

    best flavored coffee ever

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