Decaf – Long in the Socks

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This coffee originates in the Mexican state of Chiapas and is Mountain Water Processed. The unique Mountain Water decaffeination process uses the clear, pure water from the highest mountain in Mexico, the Pico de Orizaba. This process immerses green coffee beans in water in order to extract caffeine. This maintains the original components and flavor elements, producing a satisfying cup of coffee- for those who wish to dial it back a bit.

Ingredients: Roasted Coffee

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7 reviews for Decaf – Long in the Socks

  1. Jessica

    An excellent decaf coffee! Love it!

  2. Jack Taddeo

    Got some as a gift and live the taste!

  3. Lakegirl

    Best decaf I’ve ever had.

  4. Russel Smith (verified owner)

    This is as good as decaf gets. Thank you!

  5. Katie (verified owner)

    I love the rich dark roast of this decaf – it’s pure bliss. I’ve been looking for a good tasting decaf that is affordable. This is better than the expensive Hawaiian volcanic dark roast coffee I’d been spending an arm and a leg for just to have that perfect taste. Don’t ever stop making this!

  6. Kathy Shavey

    Smooth and flavorful! Best Decaf I’ve had in a long time!! Reasonably priced and I found it at a local Martin Store near me!

  7. LC

    This is far and away the best decaf I’ve ever tasted, and I’ve tried a lot of them. I’d even say it’s as good as many caffeinated brews I’ve drunk. Thanks for such a great product!

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