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This coffee is grown in the highlands of Papua New Guinea, whose mineral rich volcanic soil originally hosted the Jamaican Blue Mountain seedlings from which this coffee was derived nearly 100 years ago.

Medium bodied, lively and sweet, this coffee reveals flavors fruity and creamy. Its delectable vanilla aroma completes the package, making this an excellent cup for the occasion.

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12 reviews for Killer Beanzzz

  1. Jenn

    Perfect dark roast that’s not over roasted

  2. Duane wiseley

    Excellent mellow dark roast. No bitterness but carries a caffeine kick.

  3. Rhonda

    Finally a dark roast that is not bitter, full flavored, the way coffee should be.

  4. Ronnell Collier

    Probably the best coffer I had in awhile. Definitely worth the extra money

  5. John (verified owner)

    We received this coffee as a Christmas gift. It is the best coffee that we have had in years. We keep tying different coffees to find the perfect coffee an viola we have found it. Excellent mellowdark roast with no bitterness or bite. Wow is this coffee good!

  6. jan burian

    best coffee ever

  7. Bob Chism

    I found this coffee at our local Meijer. I like to make my coffee in a French press. I love how bold, but smooth this blend is. The fact that it is roasted in Michigan makes it that much better. I would highly recommend this coffee!

  8. Frank

    This is the best coffee I have ever tasted!

  9. Matt

    This coffee makes a perfect cup! So good.

  10. Pete

    Probably the best whole bean dark roast I’ve had.

  11. Debra (verified owner)

    I have spent alot of time and $ searching for the perfect coffee and all that time it was practically in my own backyard. This is simply the best!

  12. Sasha F

    Wu Tang is forever.

    And this coffee is really awesome too.

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