Lakehouse Rush

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Whether you’re up at the lake house, down at the workplace, or snowed in at home; let our Lakehouse Rush dark roast blend transport you to a day on the water. This blend embodies thoughtfully sourced coffees from Peru and Honduras. There’s a bold smokiness up front, right at home next to a cozy campfire. Followed by a lingering chocolate smoothness that beckons you to put your feet up and relax.

Ingredients: Roasted Coffee

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3 reviews for Lakehouse Rush

  1. Rondo

    This has become my favorite blend! (Even better than Killer Beanz) Good any way you brew it but it’s absolutely the best Bialetti coffee I’ve found. If you’re a Bialetti fan you simply must try it. My every day brew, and btw it also makes an excellent espresso shot.

  2. Rondo

    My favorite blend (Even better than the Killer Beanz)! Great any way you brew it but outstanding in a Bialetti, if you’re a Bialetti fan you simply must try this one. Also makes a terrific espresso shot BTW.

  3. Fiona (verified owner)

    I would like to lie and tell you this coffee is no good. Why? Because if you order it all and I can’t get any… well, I won’t be bitter and nether will the coffee be. BUT, I’ll be forced to drive around sniffing the air until I find your home. If you do buy all this coffee you will see me at your door holding my cup looking pathetic, or you won’t, but the kitchen window might look ajar and a cup may be missing from your pot….

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