Loretta Italian Roast

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Our darkest roast available, this coffee is bold and powerful. Roasted to above 440 degrees, Loretta reveals flavors of strong cocoa or robust dark chocolate. Overall, a semi-sweet, smoky cup with heavier body and lasting flavor.

Ingredients: Roasted Coffee

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13 reviews for Loretta Italian Roast

  1. Tricky Sisamis

    delicious bold flavor. we make this coffee french pressed drank it black and also used it in our “bulletproof” coffee. really fabulous coffee

  2. Austin Ponstein

    This is the only coffee I will drink put of my french press.

  3. Austin Ponstein

    This is the only coffee I will drink out of my french press.

  4. Jerry TerBeck

    Very dark and smokey flavor yet smooth and fantastic aroma and flavor. My go to coffee in the morning.

  5. Kathy Klingerman

    This is incredibly good coffee. My brother bought some while traveling through Michigan and we just tried it the other day. I need to get more. Right.Now.

  6. Tony

    I have been drinking Loretta every morning for the past few years. Occasionally I buy a bag of something else and am just reminded how much I enjoy this brew.

  7. Troy

    Excellent coffee… both in french press and ground finer for my espresso percolator.

  8. david

    This coffee delivers a powerful flavor of an Italian dark roast. If you are a coffee snob this is your coffee. One of my favorite go-to coffee and they deliver.

  9. Concetta

    My niece, who lives in Kalamazoo, gave me this coffee once as a gift. Now I always ask her for more, because it is so yummy. And, she continues to send it to me.

  10. Becky

    One of the first roasts I tried from the Kzoo Coffee Co… I love nice bold coffee after dinner… a European habit of mine… I must say so far this is my absolute favourite to run through my chemex. I find sometimes the dark bold coffees lack nuiances, but not this one. This is a must, give a whirl if you love dark roasts… or if you brew your own beer I could picture using this roast. Yum…

  11. Rich Brown (verified owner)

    I moved from Kalamazoo to Seattle two years ago. After trying a bunch of different coffees here, I still prefer Kalamazoo Coffee’s Loretta!

  12. Mackenzie Hatfield (verified owner)

    French Press, or by the pot, this is my favorite!

  13. Loretta

    Received this coffee as a gift, because my name is on the bag, I don’t even like dark roasts . . . however this coffee is Amazing! Smoky, flavorful & smooth without any bitterness or acidity, I’ve been drinking it ever since- black, fresh from the french press, perfection! Truly a great coffee, lives up to her name! Lol

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