Moonlight Maple Walnut

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This coffee is an absolute delight on a cold Michigan morning. Flavors of maple, hickory and real walnuts mingle pleasantly, hosted by the smoothness of a fine medium roast coffee.

Ingredients: Roasted Coffee, Natural and Artificial Flavorings.

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30 reviews for Moonlight Maple Walnut

  1. Trev & Dabbie

    Bought this on a whim at Meijer for a weekend fun type of coffee. Used it all up over the weekend because it is so dang good!
    Now on a mission to find it again. Both Meijers in town are out of it! One had it on clearance and this is the only flavor that is out.
    So very very good and tasty!

  2. Ian

    Seriously the best coffee, I wish Meijers sold it again 🙁

  3. Chris

    Great coffee. I just used it in a cold brew maker for the first time. Amazingly smooth!

  4. Elizabeth

    What is this SORCERY?? Very delicious, definitely gonna buy the 5lb bag next time.

  5. Dawn Suski

    The maple walnut is so delicious. My husband and I couldn’t get enough. Placing my 5lb order today!!

  6. Carol

    I am so picky about coffee! I had this at my son’s house in Harbor Springs this weekend and just want to drink coffee all day long!
    Came home and nothing anywhere. So sad.

  7. Eric Reeves

    Best coffee I’ve ever had. To bad my Meijer store is no longer selling your brand.

  8. Tim

    This is the best coffee ever

  9. David Henker

    Love it!

  10. David Henker

    Love it

  11. Ryan Fox

    Amazing! Found this at my local grocery store and was kinda intimidated but the smell. But once I brewed it, it was so goood! Probably the best coffee I’ve ever had.

  12. Melissa Westlake

    Found this on clearance at Meijer. Best. Coffee. Ever! So glad to know I can buy it again.

  13. Mary KELLEY (verified owner)

    I am hooked! Clean, yummy blend. Just right. Oh my goodness the aroma!!I I normally cannot drink coffee too often because of stomach sensitivity isssues, but this blend I found for whatever reason I can indeed drink without problems! Yay indeed!! Try it, you won’t be sorry.

  14. Madeline

    I just moved out of Michigan. Thank goodness for the internet so I can still get this coffee.

  15. Joshua Bruning

    Every time I come to Kalamazoo to visit, I make 2 points: 1) Visit the Black Owl Cafe. 2) Buy a bag of coffee for own enjoyment and sadness.
    Why sadness? Because I’ll eventually run out.
    The Maple Walnut is just the latest of coffee creations that anyone and everyone would enjoy. This one particular is amazingly fantastic as both hot and cold brews, or to brew hot to eventually make iced coffee.
    Whereas the maple in this might not be as noticeable as the Maple Bacon, it still accompanies the smooth nutty, and almost slight caramel and earth tones as a hot masterpiece.

  16. Wendy

    It is by far my favorite, smooth , nutty and also hard to find in the local stores

  17. LeaAnn CR

    This is the best coffee I’ve ever had. I live in South Florida and either have to buy up a bunch of it when I visit family in MI or have people send it to me. Now I have my family in Florida hooked on it too!

  18. Audrey

    Delicious. My new favorite coffee. It’s so smooth with no bitter aftertaste. I will definitely purchase it at Busch’s going forward.

  19. Audrey

    Delicious. My new favorite coffee. It’s so smooth with no bitter aftertaste. I will definitely purchase it at Busch’s going forward.

  20. Cynthia

    Picked this up at Meiers when dropping my grandson at university….I have been dreaming of it since, Delicious! Offered to pick him up for spring break…stopped to purchase Moonlight first…. shhhh…. don’t tell !

  21. Michael

    As a graduate student, I basically live on unsweetened black coffee. This roast is the best balance of aroma, flavor, and energy that I have found.

  22. D’Arcy Rivers

    Backpacker blend was my favorite, until I tried Moonlight!! I can’t get enough!!!

  23. Darlene S

    Bought it at Busch’s on a whim. I love supporting Michigan companies, flavors sounded good, and the artistry on the package was so cute and eye catching. Now I’m on at least my 6th bag. I drink it every day, I’ve bought it for friends. I want everyone to know about this awesome find! It’s my absolute favorite! Thanks for making my mornings.

  24. Debbie Hill

    I was looking for a special coffee this holiday season and the pictures on the bags caught my attention. They are great! Bought a coffee grinder and had to try it especially since it’s from a local company! This coffee is delicious! Not as much maple flavor as I was expecting but a perfectly blended cup of goodness and so smooth. I am hooked and now need to try all the flavors!!!

  25. Kimberly Mason

    This IS the world’s best cup of coffee. It is my one and only true love! 🙂 I will walk to the ends of the earth for just one more cup… and this is coming from someone in the Buckeye state. Thank you, Kalamazoo (and Peter) for gifting us with this heavenly delight.

  26. Sarah (verified owner)

    Definitely our favorite of all flavors. Makes getting up so much more enjoyable!

  27. Dave

    O M G – The best! Delicious!

  28. Amber

    This is my favorite coffee. I don’t even know what else to say haha. I buy a lot of different coffee, but I ALWAYS have a bag of this.
    Just buy it 🙂

  29. Wendy Sherrill

    Hands down favorite in our house!

  30. Don Stone

    This is our favorite and have given as gifts. Also can be found at Martin’s in South Bend. Indiana.

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