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Coffee Profile: This coffee is grown in Northwest Peru with pride.  Coffee producers in Santo Domingo de la Capilla are very serious about picking only the ripest cherries, so it can take up to five pickings to fully harvest.  After each picking, the cherry is pulped immediately and the parchment is fermented for approximately 12 hours and then washed and dried.  While it is drying on patios it is turned several times, which helps to achieve the region’s particular beautiful shade of green.

Roast: Dark

Cupping Notes:  Caramel, Dark Chocolate, Extra Smooth & Sweet.

Processing: Wet Process

Euphoria Coffee is now a division of Kalamazoo Coffee Co.  This coffee is a part of the Euphoria Direct Investment Coffee Program.  Every bag purchased plants a coffee plant in Guatemala at our coffee nursery.  Once mature, the plants are given away to local farmers to produce coffee for years to come. Now that’s sustainable! Please visit Euphoria Coffee Co. on Instagram for more information & photos on our Direct Investment Coffee Program.

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