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Coffee Profile: Most African coffees are named after a town, washing station or landmark.  This coffee is different.  Named by our importer, they named the coffee, Kitamu which is Swahili for sweet tasting.  This coffee comes from a community lot where most farmers have very small coffee plots.  Most of these farmers use locally made hand pulpers, wash and ferment the coffee in buckets and sun-dry on raised beds.  The coffee is often grown with other crops such as bananas, avocados, beans and maize.  This coffee was milled at a community mill named Rafiki.

Roast: Light

Cupping Notes: Plum, Caramel, Baking Spice, Honey

Processing: Wet Process

Euphoria Coffee is now a division of Kalamazoo Coffee Co.  This coffee is a part of the Euphoria Direct Investment Coffee Program.  Every bag purchased plants a coffee plant in Guatemala at our coffee nursery.  Once mature, the plants are given away to local farmers to produce coffee for years to come. Now that’s sustainable! Please visit Euphoria Coffee Co. on Instagram for more information & photos on our Direct Investment Coffee Program.


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