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Coffee Profile: Balinese coffee is some of the best tasting and smoothest coffee in the world. We call this coffee, Bali New Moon. This particular coffee is named after a driver and now good friend, “Newman” who one of the owners of Kalamazoo Coffee Company met while in Bali on a special trip with his wife.

Bali coffee is a rare and unique Arabica specialty coffee produced by smallholding farmers inhibiting fertile volcanic highland area at the heart of colorful paradise island of Bali.

Arabica coffee planting in Kintamani highland was destructed by the eruption of Gunung Agung (volcano of Agung) in 1963. This eruption caused the quantity of Arabica coffee from Kintamani drop significantly for almost 15 years. Government authority started to redevelop Arabica coffee in the end of 1970’s and early of 1980’s, mainly by granting coffee seedlings to the farmers. Recently growing area of Arabica coffee in Bali is estimated 7.500 ha.

Farming techniques application on the “terroir” of Kintamani is relatively uniform. Arabica coffee farmers almost 100 % do organic farming by applying organic manure for their coffee, and they produce the manure by themselves inside the farm (from cattle, chicken or pig). Pesticides are never applied on coffee farming.

This particular coffee has been triple picked. We call these beans ‘triple picked’ because of the way they are sorted. Lots of beans are dried and then sorted extensively to ensure that all the beans that have been damaged by insects, are defective, or are under-ripe have been removed.

Cupping Notes: Extra Smooth, Milk Chocolate, Toasted Almond, Vanilla Bean, Sweet Cherry, Earthy

Processing: Wet Process

Produced without the use of pesticides.

Euphoria Coffee is now a division of Kalamazoo Coffee Co. For sustainability projects- please visit our news section.

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