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Coffee Profile: Mt. Elgon is an extinct volcano spread across the border of Uganda and Kenya, though its highest point, called Wagagai, is on the Uganda side. Kyagalanyi, our importer’s sister company in Uganda, owns and runs the Kapchorwa wet mill, on the western side of Mt. Elgon. This coffee is from the Kapchorwa washing station.  Producers here have traditionally sold in parchment, but by accepting cherry at the wet mill, the team has gained greater control over outcomes. Its careful separation of lots and its acceptance of only harvests that are 95 percent red cherry has dramatically improved the quality of its coffees—which financially benefits all parties.  This coffee is composed of 5 different lots, some with different drying methods than the others giving this coffee a more complex profile.  Two batches were fully dried in the sun as the other three were partial dried in the sun and finished drying in a mechanical dryer.

Tasting Notes: Dark chocolate, raisin and citrus

Processing: Washed, sun dried and mechanical dryers

Varietal: SL14, SL28, Bugisu Local

Euphoria Coffee is now a division of Kalamazoo Coffee Co.  This coffee is a part of the Euphoria Direct Investment Coffee Program.  Every bag purchased plants a coffee plant in Guatemala at our coffee nursery.  Once mature, the plants are given away to local farmers to produce coffee for years to come. Now that’s sustainable! Please visit Euphoria Coffee Co. on Instagram for more information & photos on our Direct Investment Coffee Program.


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